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New Users Start Guide

Welcome. To help you get started, we have put together this handy guide that will explain some of the first things you may want to do once you've signed up for hosting and have received your welcome letter.

Logging into your control panel
Your control panel gives you the ability to easily modify and maintain your account. If your domain name is in the process of being transferred and has not yet been completed, you can use your assigned IP address that you received in your initial welcome letter to access your control panel.

Once you have logged into the control panel please feel free to look around at all of the different features and familiarize yourself with all of your account tools.

Setting up your Email
To set up your email accounts, click on "Mail Manager" in your control panel. From the Mail Manager you can set up your pop email accounts, auto-responders, forwarded mail, catch all account, etc. When you first login you will see that there is already a default email account which is currently set up as your "catch all" account. It will be yourusername@yourdomain.com. If anyone sends an email to your domain it will go directly to that account.

These are the settings for setting up your pop email accounts:

Email Address = username@yourdomain.com
Mail Server user name = mail account username
Outgoing SMTP Mail Server = yourdomain.com
Incoming POP3 Mail Server = yourdomain.com

Some handy tips: When you publish your website, always remember that the first page that someone will see when they go to your site is "index.html". When your account is set up on our servers, we automatically place a temporary index page in your account for you that says you will be "Coming Soon". You will want to replace this page with your own index page. You cannot have more than one index page. If you have for instance, index.html and index.htm, that will cause your pages not to show up correctly so please remember that your initial page must be either or, but not both.

For more helpful information, visit our Online Manual


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